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Our Services

Pre Construction Services Buyers or Tenants

Before you sign any lease or rental agreement make sure you know the cost. Some leases make you responsible for all upkeep and maintenance of new and existing equipment: Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, and even the roof in some instances.

We can help you avoid pitfalls and missteps before they happen. Remember, Brokers and Realtors work for the owners and they do their jobs well. After the lease is signed, you are on your own. Know what the cost is and what to avoid being responsible for.


  • Dental

  • Medical

  • Clean Room/Lab Bio, Pharmaceutical, and Environmental

  • Office Suites/Corporate Offices

  • Restaurant

  • Salon/Barber

  • Industrial

  • Education/Assembly

Macdade Construction will meet with you and help manage expectations, cost, and time. We can accompany you when meeting with your designer or architect, and help with any cost or design questions.  The construction trade, like many others, has a unique language. So if you do not know what a VAV, Hub drain, IWH, GFI, Dedicated outlet, Tegular tile, or poke-through is, you should be using us to help you understand and ask "Why?" If you need a designer or architect, allow us to assist you in your search. We have many contacts in the Orlando area.

In our market today this is what you can expect: Looking for space and finding a good Broker team (1-2 months) Space planning (1-2 weeks) Budget cost development (with true subcontractor pricing (1-2 weeks) Lease contract time frame (1-2 months) Final construction documents with MEP's (3-8 weeks) Final bid for office build out (2-3 weeks) Permitting (6-12 weeks) Construction time line (5-16 weeks depending on square footage).   

The bottom line is, educate yourself before starting to search for office space and allow us to help in this process. 

Leasing Agents, Brokers, and Building Managers

Provide us with the basic layout, square footage and finish level, and we can price it within 24 to 48 hours and incorporate a typical schedule when requested; so timelines can be used as a selling tool.

We can document and establish new or current building standards for future use, enabling easy and accurate transfer of information to designers, architects, and tenants.

Designers and Architects

With a pre-design meeting, we can price projects as you design them, keeping the client's expectations and budget in harmony. The budget for most projects will be made available before the end of the meeting.


Commercial Condo & Building Owners

We offer pricing for standard and custom designs, as well as custom design services.


When requested, we will handle client relations, such as preparing the buyer for the design meeting with the architect, providing real-time pricing to keep the buyer's expectations realistic, and coordinating all correspondence and closeout documentation.



We Pride Ourselves in Being Flexible and Creative Please contact us for our current list of references.
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